See you in the spring!

About Us

Welcome to Colorado Fresh Farms, a small but rapidly growing family farm located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Built from humble beginnings and a dream to provide for the community, Colorado Fresh Farms has worked hard over the years to expand our business while still maintaining sustainable practices, low prices, and fair wages. 


From seed to harvest, we are dedicated to providing sustainably grown produce. We believe in incorporating new and improved farming techniques whenever possible and eliminating chemical pesticides to better the health of our environment. Our hydroponic greenhouses save energy, facilitate faster production, and allow us to use less water than we would in the field! For field operations, we like to take a responsible and intelligent approach to conventional farming by applying the newest and safest techniques possible.


We like to kick the season off right by growing a huge selection of plant starts for local gardeners. Our flower starts in particular were so popular during the 2020 season that we have added over twenty additional varieties this year! We also provide dozens of tomato and pepper varieties, traditional and unique herbs, strawberries and most other vegetables.

While the plant sale is in full gear, our production manager is caring for our most loved crop: cherry tomatoes! These beauties begin to flourish in May and supply the community with fresh, flavorful tomatoes until November. We also grow large crops of basil, strawberries, winter squash, and carrots; and smaller selections of cucumbers, peppers, radishes, and greens.


Haydn Christensen, owner and operator, grew up in Monte Vista, Colorado surrounded by swathes of hay fields. From the time he could walk, he was helping out on the family farm, learning the ropes of the agriculture industry and building a dream of owning his own farm on the front range. Fast forward eighteen years and Haydn began his educational career at Colorado State University to obtain a degree in Soil and Crop Sciences. Even before graduating, he had built the first Colorado Fresh greenhouse in 2012 and transformed the business into produce production for the local community and beyond. He and his wife Lindsay work the farm 7 days a week under the supervision of 2 year old son Kelby!
Over the years, additional greenhouses were built, fields were obtained, and more friends were added to the team. We have cultivated a dedicated local following and secured our reputation as forward-thinking young farmers. 2020 was our best year to date and we have huge hopes for the 2021 season!